Welcome to the Brits Defensive Pistol Club.


We are a small SADPA club, founded in 2015. Our home range is the private De Kroon shooting range just outside Brits. We gather there a few times every month to enjoy the sport of IDPA - please refer to our calendar for our shooting dates.

Visitors are always welcome, but unfortunately you will not be able to join in the shooting fun if you do not already have a valid SADPA number and have completed your New Shooters Orientation. Spectators are welcome and the club can provide eye and ear protection if you just want to come and take a look at what shooting SADPA is all about. Please feel free to contact one of the EXCO members to arrange a visit.


Meet the BDPC EXCO


Below, you will find the Executive Committee for the Brits Defensive Pistol Club.
These individuals voluntarily give their time and effort to run the club and without them, the club would not exist. The EXCO does not receive any remuneration for their efforts, but does so out of a love of the game.

If you would like to get involved in the running of the club, let us know - help is always appreciated!



Brits Defensive Pistol Club Officer Safety and Training

BDPC Chairman & Admin
Bertus Reyneke
082 784 7887


Brits Defensive Pistol Club Officer Matches and Competitions

Officer Matches & Competitions
Currently Vacant


Brits Defensive Pistol Club Officer Safety and Training

Officer Safety & Training
Currently Vacant



Brits Defensive Pistol Club Officer Equipment and Logistics

Officer Equipment & Logistics
Phillip Pretorius
083 407 8221


If you need more information or would like to offer a suggestion, please feel free to contact us at the above contact information.


Find us

Visitors are always welcome to attend our shooting days. (Please note, our range is not open except on scheduled calendar days!)
Please click below for the map to our shooting range as taken from Google maps.

Our GPS Coördinates are:

S 25° 39’58.3”
E027° 48’12.5”


De Kroon Shooting Range Map

Range Map.