Can I participate before I join?
Due to liability issues, unfortunately not. However, you are welcome to come to any of the clubs on shooting days to observe and ask questions.

How do I join?
Membership of both SADPA and a Club of your choice is compulsory. The following forms need to be completed:
- SADPA membership application form
- SADPA indemnity form
- Club application form
Please do not expect SADPA and club officials to process last minute applications at short notice in order to attend NSO’s etc. Allow at least a week for new membership to be processed.

How much does it cost?
SADPA Fees are R400 per year (as at Jan 2017).
Club fees at BDPC are R400 for standard members, and R150 for junior and senior members (Under 18 and over 65).

BDPC's range fees are R80 for normal club shoots, but fees vary between clubs and can range from R40 to about R100 for normal monthly shoots, while some clubs let their members shoot for free at the home club. Leagues cost R100 (as at Jan 2015), and Nationals and Africa Champs range from R300- R500. Working Safety Officers usually shoot for free at most clubs.

How will SADPA notify me of important news and events?
The SADPA Website at is used extensively to disseminate information. Shoot and results notifications are distributed via SADPA_Group at Please see your membership letter for instructions to join or visit

Can I start shooting immediately once I’ve joined?
Due to the inherent dangers associated with firearms, all members have to undergo an NSO before they can participate in SADPA events. This is not negotiable.

What is the NSO about and how often are these held?
The NSO (New Shooter Orientation) is an induction through which we ensure all members are aware of safety aspects, range rules and commands and the most basic SADPA rules. This is not a substitute for familiarising yourself with the rules governing the sport. NSO’s are presented periodically with roughly one every six weeks by one of the Gauteng clubs. At BDPC, we will do these as the need arises.

How do I know when shoots are presented and by whom?
Please see the calendar page on the SADPA website and our own. Notifications are also circulated via SADPA_group on YahooGroups, usually 5-15 days preceeding the shoot.

Can I shoot at a club other than the one I belong to?
Yes. Once you’re a paid up member and have completed the New Shooter Orientation, all SADPA shoots are open to all members of SADPA. Please note that some clubs require pre-registration for certain shoots and costs vary from club to club and for members and non-members of the particular club. This will be communicated via SADPA Group on YahooGroups.

What type of firearm(s) do I need?
You’ll need a pistol of minimum 9mmP calibre or .38 or larger Revolver. There are limitations with regards to the size and weight of firearms allowed – see the rulebook for more details. Firearms smaller than 9mmP/.38 e.g. 9mm Short, and 5-Shot Revolvers are not really suitable for competition in IDPA. These are classified as Back-up Guns.

What other equipment do I need?

The new shooter page on the website has a comprehensive checklist, but before you spend a fortune on paraphernalia you may or may not use, make sure to visit a club to see what members typically use. The non-negotiable items are: Firearm, magazines/speed loaders (at least two, but three is better), strong-side holster, magazine pouches, eye protection, ear protection and a concealment garment (typically a reporters jacket or similar, but a loose shirt is acceptable on day one).

How much ammunition do I need?
It depends from shoot to shoot. The NSO will require about 120-150 rounds, monthly club shoots anywhere between 50 and 100 rounds, leagues from 80- 160 rounds and the Champs can run up to 300 rounds.

Do SADPA clubs sell firearms and ammunition?
No. But SADPA’s friendly sponsors do. Please have a look at our sponsors page on the website, or ask the club’s contact person if he can recommend someone.

Can I use club facilities on my own for practice?
At BDPC, you cannot book the range outside of normal club activities to practice on your own time at the moment. Please refer to the club calendar for shooting dates.

Will SADPA do my motivation for firearms license applications for me?
No, SADPA is not a legal firm. SADPA will however provide you with a membership letter stating that you’re a member of the organisation and the club you’ve joined. SADPA can also issue an endorsement confirming the suitability of the firearm you intend to apply for a license for (obviously provided the firearm complies with all the specifications as set out in the rule book)